The GazettE's Biography (English)

The GazettE is one of the most popular j-rock and visual kei bands. They are not afraid to experiment with music and its sounding, so they add hip-hop and punk elements. But the range of their works includes also ballads, emotional and strong. The outstanding feature of the band is considered to be Ruki’s vocal, that is can’t be called singing sometimes, and Reita’s bass playing. Obviously other members are not less talented, as you guess. When Karasu, the band that Uruha and Reita were in, disbanded, Ruki who was drummer in another band named Mikoto in Yokohama, got them to join the group (Ma'die Kusse), but finally it disbanded either. They formed a new group Kar+te=zyAnose in which Ruki became a vocalist, but after 3 month it disbanded as well. "We decided that the next band we formed wouldn't disband" - Reita said. Drummer Yune joined them, and that was the first line-up of Gazette. Reita said that four members was enough, so they started to work and even had lives and photoshootings. But sound was too weak and not enough without second guitar and finally they decided to invite another guitarist in the band. So they found Aoi in February 2002. The band was formed officially. The birthdate of the band is 10th of March, 2002. Before this Aoi played in one band (Artia) with Yune, but it separated like that: Aoi and other three members with Yune^^. Aoi joined Gazette after this separating. They signed a contract with Matina Label, released single Wakaremichi and Video VHS, went on tour, including one-man concerts. After awhile Yune decided to leave left Gazette. He left on 21st of January, 2003. He was asked to find someone to replace him, but this candidate, though he was pretty good in playing, was not agree with “ideology” of Gazette, so Gazette had to search new drummer themselves. As for Kai, there wasn’t any success in Mareydi†Creia, it disbanded, but he didn’t want to form the group himself, he hoped to join the existing one. He was at Gazette’s live, and he found it pretty cool, so Ruki and Kai exchanged their telephone numbers after it. "The moment he called me I was like "It's here!" and I knew. So I asked, "Kai-kun, have you decided on your next band?" - Ruki said. "It's here! - Kai thought." Kai showed his drum playing to Gazette in studio, and decision was fast. Kai joined the band on 1st of February, 2003. On 1st of March, 2003 Gazette signed a contract with PS Company and released several mini-albums, including Cockayne Soup (28.05.2003), Special Margarita (30.07.2003) and others, and also went on tour. On 16th of January, 2004 Gazette played Judgment Day Live, that was recorder and released in April. 30 of March MADARA mini album was released and first PV Zetsu was on TV. In May MADARA DVD, including 6 PVs and Making of MADARA was released. On 13 of October 2004 a first full-length album Disorder was released and it took the 5th place in Oricon Daily Charts. Despite the fact that it wasn't their first work at all, Ruki called Disorder to be "first step" of the bend. In 2005 Gazette released such singles as Reila, Cassiss, mina-album GAMA, Live DVD and also celebrated their 3d anniversary at Shibuya AX and took part in Peace and Smile Carnival Tour. Also their first photobook Verwelktes Gedicht was published. 2006 year began with second full-length album NIL and with changing their name from "Gazette" (that was written in Japanese) to "the GazettE" (in English), afterwards several Live DVDs were released, such as Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 Live DVD and Nameless Liberty. Six Guns. Also first album collection and clip collection were released. The Gazette held their concerts in Germany, released NIL in France. In Germany they performed to around 800 people; the concerts were arranged in conjunction with German Anime & Manga Convention, AnimagiC, and took place at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany. The singles from STACKED RUBBISH were released, such as REGRET and Filth in the beauty, Decomposition Beauty Tour started. In 2007 Hyena, 3d single from STACKED RUBBISH, was released and the second part of Decomposition Beauty Tour started. On 4th of July 2007 the third album STACKED RUBBISH was released and the Gazette went on tour Pulse Wriggling To Black till November 2007, that also includes European tour. A song from Stacked Rubbish, Chizuru, is chosen to be a soundtrack for the movie Apartment. At the end of 2007 there was announced that the GazettE will present their collection of jewels under the GemCerey company. At the beginning of 2008 commercials with the band appears on TV. For all this camapign new song of the GazettE Guren was used. The single was out on 13th of Febryary. In spring 2008 the GazettE will hold another 2 gigs within Puls Wriggling To Black Tour: 03 (for Heresy club members only) and 04 (throughout Japan). On August 8th, 2008 the GazettE released DVD with their Grand Final in Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan COUNTLESS REPEATED ERROR and announced of releasing new single on November 12th.

The Gazette Biyografi (Turkish)

Gazette 10 Mart 2002 de Uruha, Reita (eski grupları : Karasu, Ma'die Kussë, L'ie:Chris, and Kar+te=zyAnose), Ruki (eski grupları : Mikoto, Ma'die Kussë, L'ie:Chris, and Kar+te=zyAnose), Aoi (eski Mervilles ve Artia gitaristi), ve ex-batersitleri Yune (şu anki baterist Kai) tarafından kuruldu. Nisan 2002’de ilk single’ ları "Wakaremichi", ve iki video kaset çıkardılar. Ağustos ve Eylül boyunca iki single ve bir videokaset daha çıkardılar. O zamanlar Matina adında ikinci bir isim kullanıyorlardı. 2003’ ün başlarında Yune gruptan ayrılmaya karar verdi. Eski Mareydi†Creia üyesi olan Kai onun yerini aldı. Mart 2003’ de Alice Nine, Kaggra, Miyavi gibi isimleri bünyesinde bulunduran PS Company ile sözleşme imzaladılar. Mayıs 2003’ te ilk mini albümleri Cockayne Soup’ un ardından Hanamuke ile ilk turnelerine çıktılar. Turnenin dışında, grup Hanamuke ile iki parça da hazırlamıştır. İkinci turnelerine Vidoll ile çıktılar. O dönem ünlü müzik dergisi Cure kapağında Vidoll ve Gazette’ nin bulunduğu bir ek çıkartmıştır. 30 Mart 2004’ de MADARA adlı mini albümlerini çıkartan grubun 25 Ağustos’ ta, 23 Nisan’ da kaydedilmiş olan “Heisei Banka” konser DVD’ leri piyasaya sürüldü. 13 Ekim 2004’ de ilk tam albümleri “Disorder” piyasaya sürüldü. Ağustos 2005’ de yine bir mini albüm olan “Gama” piyasaya sürüldü. Yıl sonunda da maxi-single olan “Classis” çıktı.İkinci tam albümleri “Nil” 8 Şubat 2006’ da çıktı. Gazette Haziran 28-30 2006 tarihleri arasında Asya dışında iki canlı konser verdi. Alman Anime ve Manga Konvansiyonu, AnimagiC’ le birlikte hazırlanan konserler Almanya’ nın Bonn kentinde Beethovenhalle’ de düzenlendi; her konserde 800 civarında seyirciye ulaşıldı.